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I Live in a Tree Trunk
I Live in a Tree Trunk

I Live in a Tree Trunk


This companion to I Was Born a Baby is an irresistible read-aloud that delivers catchy rhymes and bold, silly art about where baby animals make their homes, from in the sea to in a tree.

I live in a bog. I live in a mound. My place is a burrow, hidden in the ground.

Are you for SURE? I had NO clue!

Mine’s a burrow! Mine’s a burrow! Mine’s a burrow, too!

This rhyming read-aloud starts off with a porcupine who says, "I live in a tree trunk." Soon all the baby animals on the page begin eagerly sharing where they live! But when the groundhog and the platypus and the rabbit realize they live in the same dwelling as several other species, they say, "Are you for SURE? I had NO clue!" in a refrain kids will love repeating. 

The strong, catchy rhythm and sense of wonder and discovery about the animal kingdom, plus deadpan humor and wonderfully expressive art, make this an addictive repeat read for all ages.